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Specialty Pharmacy


With generic alternatives mitigating the cost of traditional medications, specialty medications now account for virtually all of the growth in U.S. drug spend. In fact, specialty medications are projected to surpass spending on traditional medications by 2018, climbing from 2012’s $290 per member, per year, to $845. Specialty is the fastest growing segment of the PBM industry, with virtually every plan looking to rein in specialty spend. 


As part of our comprehensive PBM services, Catamaran offers a specialty pharmacy uniquely capable of delivering much more than mere access to these high-cost medications. Catamaran’s specialty pharmacy, BriovaRx™, embraces a holistic approach to serving your members with complex and costly conditions. Our pharmacists and nurses are an educational resource for patients, a 24/7 support system and a trusted advisor to the patient’s care team. You can rely on BriovaRx™ for the proactive insight needed to make informed decisions that control specialty costs without compromising quality of care.  


At BriovaRx, we continually identify new ways to enhance the patient experience and deliver even greater value. Patients who feel well connected and supported have greater ability to withstand the challenges of dealing with chronic, complex conditions. That is why we launched our specialty mobile app. Our app gives patients a handy resource to find comprehensive information about their condition and provides easy access to support groups and opportunities to connect with other patients battling similar conditions. 

We also pioneer new ways to engage patients that will help them feel comfortable and confident with self-administration of complex medication regimens. Our video consultation approach connects newly-diagnosed specialty patients with advanced support and enhanced patient education. A BriovaRx pharmacist sets an appointment with the patient for a video consult when the medication and supplies are received and opened, creating an opportunity for personalized support and tailored patient teaching. With a video consult, patients value the personal attention and immediate feedback they receive while in the privacy and comfort of their own home.   


BriovaRx™ is a truly patient-centric specialty pharmacy — its highly personalized approach begins with each member’s first prescription and continues throughout their course of treatment. Member support includes thorough education on illnesses, medication regimens and side-effect management, as well as awareness of available community resources, co-pay assistance programs and much more. This hands-on, high-touch approach ensures your members experience maximum benefit from their specialty therapy, and the knowledge and support they need to stay healthy. 



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Our Services

  • Personalized patient care: Our high-touch service is personalized to meet every patient’s individual needs.
  • Initial consultation: During our first call, a pharmacist or nurse discusses the treatment plan, dosing and potential side effects to ensure patients are comfortable with their medications. 
  • Regular follow-up: We understand the importance of proper compliance and stay in contact with patients throughout treatment. 
  • Fast, reliable service: Our easy enrollment process helps patients get started on medication promptly. We make refill reminder calls and offer fast, free home delivery of medications.